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Do you need a Tennessee family health insurance plan?

If you cannot get a good group health insurance plan through your employer and you need coverage not only for yourself but also for your other household members, a family health insurance plan may be right for you.

How does it work? Your Tennessee family health insurance plan will require that you pay a set premium every month. That premium will cover most of your health care costs, though you may be responsible for a small co-payment at the time of your services. For example, it is typical for a family health insurance plan to require a $20 copay for doctor visits. You might also have a yearly deductible. That means that, for example, if you have a $200 deductible, your health coverage will not kick in until you’ve spent $200 on health care.

Why do you need it? Even if you think that you’re healthy enough to go without health insurance, these policies are really designed to keep you prepared for the unexpected. If you fall and break your leg, or if you suddenly are diagnosed with a serious disease, your health care plan can help you cover your surgeries, prescriptions, and repeated doctor visits. If you wait until after your diagnosis to enroll, your plan most likely will not cover your treatment. Plus, family health plans often offer free or very low-cost preventative benefits, like cheap flu shots and free wellness visits with your primary physician.

How To begin your TN Family Health Insurance Enrollment

We recommend that everyone searching for family health insurance in Tennessee speak to a family health Insurance Agent. Meeting with a health insurance agent is 100% free and does NOT add any costs to your health care plan. Your agent can help you select the best plan for you and your family’s needs and help you find any and all cost savings that you are eligible for.

We are licensed with every major health insurance carrier in the state of Tennessee. Our agents are not biased when they help you select a plan because they have the ability to sell a wide variety of plans. They still get paid even if you pick the cheapest plan! To begin your health Insurance enrollment, click the “Enroll Now” button at the top of this page.

Alternatives to Obamacare for Tennessee Families

Obamacare is NOT your only option for Tennessee health insurance plans. The individual mandate is going away in 2019 - that means that you will no longer face a tax penalty for not having an ACA marketplace health plan. If you prefer, we can help you select a short-term health care plan to replace your Obamacare insurance.

There may be other alternatives to your employer or private plan that you have not uncovered yet. Give us a call (615-541-4257) or complete this form to request a meeting with an agent who can help you uncover all of your health care options.

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