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Are you searching for Health Insurance in Blount County? Not many folks know, but health insurance is actually decided at the county level. This is the reason most insurance quotes begin with a request for your zip code. If you are from Blount Co you should be able to find your zip code below if you need it to start your quote. Even with the federal takeover of insurance through Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) Blount County providers like Blue Cross Blue Shield and Humana still negotiate on the county level with hospitals and Physician Associations. The county has over 125,000 residents and has Maryville, TN as its county seat. If you are searching for “Health Insurance In Blount County” or “Health Insurance Provider Maryville” this may be a great place to start. You can Request a Quote here to speak to an agent!

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If you are searching for plans in your area, you can compare plans, find out your subsidy and enroll right here, without ever needing to visit and an agent can help you verify if your Blount County doctors are in your 2019 plan Network. 

Blount County Zip Codes

  • 37701 Alcoa, TN
  • 37737 Friendsville, TN
  • 37777 Louisville, TN
  • 37801 Maryville, TN
  • 37802 Maryville, TN
  • 37803 Maryville, TN
  • 37804 Maryville, TN
  • 37853 Rockford, TN
  • 37878 Tallassee, TN
  • 37882 Townsend, TN
  • 37886 Walland, TN

Additional Information | Blount County

With over 100 different health insurance plans, HealthTN offers Maryville TN health insurance as part of Blount County’s health insurance plans. Major carriers such as Bright Health, Cigna, Oscar and BCBS are all available.   You can compare those plans using our enrollment tool .

Tennessee Government Service Options

If you are looking for individual, group or family insurance there are plenty of options in Tennessee. TennCare (Medicaid), CoverRX, and CoverKids are available options. Government programs like these help provide basic health coverage to individuals who are unable to pay for private insurance or are considered uninsurable due to medical reasons. HealthTN is able to assist any Blount County resident with navigating the TN insurance landscape to find a plan suitable for their budget and needs as well as figuring out which Tennessee resource option they might belong to.

What is TennCare?

If the terminology has confused you, Medicaid is referred to as TennCare in Tennessee. Just like regular health insurance, Medicaid will send a card that you show your doctor at your appointments if you qualify for the program. As long as Medicaid is accepted by your doctor, you will have your bill paid for by the state, with the deduction of any additional insurance you have. It is not only doctor visits that are covered by Medicaid, other medical services are included as well. A few of those services are prescription drug coverage, acute care services and long-term services. This depends on your individual needs.

Am I eligible for CoverRx?

Should you not belong in any of the categories mentioned you still have a strong possibility of being eligible for at least partial Medicaid coverage.

CoverRX is a program directed at pharmacy assistance which lowers the cost on more than 250 generic medications as well as a few brand name medications that treat specific conditions. This program was made to help people who need to take certain medications but are without pharmacy coverage. Unlike TennCare, CoverRX is not a HI  program and therefore it does not cover any doctor visits.


CoverKids provides health insurance for eligible children age 18 and under & for pregnant women that are eligible. For additional information for obtaining Blount County health insurance coverage or Maryville TN health insurance, visit the Cover Kids website.


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As a result of regulations put in place by the Affordable Care Act, the AccessTN program enrollment is closed to new enrollment.

Current AccessTN members that demonstrate household incomes at or below 100% of the Federal Poverty Level will remain eligible to continue their health coverage.

If you have questions regarding your AccessTN health coverage, please contact Family and Children’s Services at (866) 475-7879.

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