How to sign up for Obamacare in Tennessee

Welcome to your personal Alternative to the Federal Insurance Marketplace. Our direct enrollment solution works almost exactly like the federal marketplace, but with a few key differences. Just like the, you can browse online, enroll from home, browse all of the marketplace plans and calculate your subsidy. However, unlike the Federal Marketplace, you can actually connect with a local licensed  health insurance expert for crucial questions about subsidies, doctor networks, off marketplace options, a “best rate” check, or even just the piece of mind that you aren’t leaving options on the table. It’s 100% free to you and can be quickly done over the phone. Don’t start all over with a new call center employee every time you have a Health Insurance question. Here, you can start working with a local rep and keep working with a local rep!

Why use a Direct Enrollment Solution like

–  Our services are 100% free and always will be.  There is nothing to lose from picking up the phone and giving us a quick call, but a lot to be gained.

–  There’s no substitute for experience.  The Federal marketplace call center doesn’t have Tennessee Health Insurance experts, or agents, answering your questions. They are likely not even from Tennessee.

–  We can write all of the major carriers.  We are licensed to sell nearly every (and all the major) carriers in Tennessee, if there is a better rate, we’ll know about it.

–  You can enroll online and over the phone, just like

–  Verify your doctor network before you enroll.

–  You can compare off the marketplace plan options.

–  You can help to keep insurance dollars in the local economy.

So how do I start the process, compare plans and enroll if I find something I like?

–  You can start the process over the phone right now by calling (615)-541-4257

– Start comparing marketplace plans by clicking start comparing now.

–  Request help, at any time, from one of our agents if you get stuck.

–  Sign up all on your own or request help from an agent at any point!


Important 2015-2016 Obamacare Changes

Most of us are familiar with most of the changes that rolled out for Obamacare in 2013-2014 and you are most likely enrolled in a marketplace plan. Here are some of the important changes to Obamacare for the 2015-2016 enrollment season for Tennessee Residents.

–  Most importantly, the tax penalty for not having creditable coverage will increase to 2% or $325 per person, with some exceptions.  This is up from 1% last year and, keep in mind, without insurance you are still responsible for any health care costs you accumulate, plus the tax penalty.

–  Premiums from major health insurance providers have likely changed. According to this report in The Tennessean at least three major Tennessee health insurance providers have had rate increases approved by the Tennessee Department of Insurance and Commerce. Although the effect on each plan may be different, the average increase for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee is just under an average 20% rate increase, just under 15% average premium increase for Humana, and 7.5% average increase for Cigna Health. During the Open Enrollment period from November 1, 2015 – January 31, 2016 an agent can review your plan, at no cost, to see if your plan premium is expected to increase. Just click the “start your enrollment process” button above and add your information. We will schedule an appointment to review your plan.

–  The 2015 Obamacare Open Enrollment dates have changed. The open enrollment season begins November 1, 2015 and will continue until January 31, 2016.  Make note of the changed dates and enroll in Health Insurance at and start your comparison and enrollment here.

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Quick list Of Common Tennessee Obamacare questions.

Is my Obamacare Insurance premium going to increase next year?

The an easy way to determine if your plan is going to increase in 2016 is to start a comparison above or call an agent.

Don’t I Need to go to

Yes and No.  Essentially all marketplace approved plans are purchased through, however, when you use our enrollment tool it automatically accesses for you making it simple for you to signup for marketplace insurance here.  So you receive all of the benefits of and the private insurance market and market resources.

Where can I calculate my estimated 2016 Obamacare Tax Penalty?

There are lots of online tools that you can use to calculate your tax penalty. Remember, the tax penalty is the likely penalty you will pay the IRS for not having health insurance. It does not guarantee coverage in the meantime and you will be 100% responsible for any health care costs you accumulate throughout the year plus the cost of the penalty.

How long does it take to compare my insurance plans and see if I can get a lower premium?

With our online tools, you can compare your own health insurance costs or an agent can compare them for you in less than 10 minutes.

Can I still get health insurance through a Tennessee Health Insurance Agent like the “good ol days”?

You sure can! Health Insurance Agents are as needed as they ever have been. They remain 100% free to you and have an invested interest in helping you find health insurance that is a best fit for your budget. An agent tip: don’t just look at the monthly cost, some of these health care plans have very high deductibles and in the event of unexpected health care costs you may pay far more in the long run. Connect with an agent.

Do I have to change my insurance in 2016?

Only if your plan is being discontinued. If this is the case your insurer will notify you of the required change. We recommend reviewing your health insurance plan every year with an agent. Some plans will increase in cost, while others may see a decrease in cost. Reviewing every year is the best way to assure that you remain in the very best health insurance plan your area provides.

How quickly can I get Obamacare coverage in Tennessee for the 2016 plan year?

As we are now in an Open enrollment period you should be able to enroll in a new plan immediately, however, the 2016 plans all begin coverage on January 1st, 2016.  Also, you will need to enroll by December 15th if you want coverage to begin on January 1st.  If you currently have health insurance that plan will either roll over for you in 2015 or you can review the plan and change coverage at the beginning of the open enrollment period starting November 1st, 2015 with an effective implementation date of January 1st, 2016 at the soonest.

How do I find out if my doctor is in my Insurance Network In Tennessee?

This takes a direct knowledge of your doctors accepted plans so it will be different for every doctor or hospital.  It is always recommended to have this reviewed carefully by an agent. Connect with an agent.

Are there Health Insurance Alternatives to Obamacare in Tennessee?

Yes!  As stated above, you can still work through licensed health insurance agents to secure marketplace insurance and non-marketplace insurance as well as private insurers that offer health insurance policies that are not on the marketplace. In some cases these policies could even be cheaper than marketplace plans. There are at least ten essential health benefits that must be included in any plan and although this may make them more expensive, it also assures that all the primary healthcare needs are covered in any plan. These plans must include coverage for ambulatory patient services and emergency services, hospitalization coverage, maternity and newborn care coverage,coverage provisions for mental health and substance use disorder services,  and that includes behavioral health treatment. They will also need coverage for prescription drugs, rehabilitative and habilitative services and devices, lab test coverage or laboratory services, chronic disease management and preventive and wellness services, and lastly, pediatric services, including oral and vision care.

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