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Who are the TennCare Providers?

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Here we are again, discussing some more of the basics when it comes to TennCare, and a question that keeps popping up is who is actually handling TennCare when it comes to the services?

Funny you should ask. Like many states, Tennessee is not in the health insurance business, we just work with companies that handle that for us. In Tennessee, the big providers for TennCare are Amerigroup, BlueCare, United HealthCare, and TennCare Select. Each of these companies provides services throughout the state to meet the needs of Tennesseans when it comes to their health insurance.

I know what you’re thinking – So where does HealthTN.com fit into all this?

That’s the easy part! We are the easiest and safest way for you to secure your healthcare choices. Think of us as experts who can help you determine which provider is the right fit for you and your situation. Remember, Healthcare.gov has no responsibility to help you in the RIGHT plan…just a plan. So we’ve made it our responsibility to make sure every Tennessean is not in just any plan, but the BEST plan.

So which one is best? That’s a tough call – and it depends on what you need. You can always just throw darts at a name, but doesn’t it make more sense to drill down and find out which provider is right for you? Costs, services, size of their network, deductibles; all these play a role in your choice, and when you know the inside scoop – that we can help you to get – you can make a better decision.

A great illustration is this – the last time you bought a car, did you just look at one and decide “the red one is perfect!”

Nope. You test drove them, you looked at fuel economy, you figured how your family could ride, you checked on the costs of ownership and maintenance.

Plenty of those things you can do online with a car, but not as easily when it comes to health insurance, especially since so many things have changed in the last year. If you are getting all your information online, make sure that it is all current, and not from 2007!

The better choice really is to reach out to HealthTN.com or just call us – (615) 541-4257. We can translate the ACA into a language you can really understand and help you find the best coverage at the price point and service levels that make the most sense for you!

At HealthTN.com we have been serving families in Middle, East and West Tennessee for the last 5 years as an extension of Continentalha.com. Our agents are from every corner of the state ready to serve all areas in East, Middle and West Tennessee. Our home office is currently located in Nashville, TN.