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Trick-Or-Treating Safety This Halloween

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Trick-Or-Treating Safety This Halloween

Halloween is next Tuesday! Have you decorated your house? Have you bought mixed bags of candy? Are your kids already wearing their costumes around the house? With all the excitement of Halloween, it’s easy to forget basic safety tips. Use our guide to keep you and your family safe this Halloween.

Costume Safety 

  1. Choose face paint over masks for better vision
  2. Decorate trick-or-treat bags and costumes with reflective tape
  3. Bring flashlights – or glow sticks for more fun
  4. Avoid costumes with long capes or other objects that are easy to trip over

Kids Safety 

  1. Teach kids to always make eye contact with drivers before crossing in front of them
  2. Kids under 12 should never be without a parent or guardian and should travel in groups
  3. Remind kids to never enter a stranger’s home or car

General Safety

  1. Avoid walking while texting or looking at your phone
  2. Visit more heavily populated neighborhoods and stay on the sidewalks
  3. Stick to neighborhoods you know
  4. Travel in groups
  5. Drive slow
  6. Check candy bags for unwrapped candy or anything that looks like it may have been tampered with
  7. Get started early – you don’t have to wait until after dark to start trick-or-treating!
  8. Only visit homes with porch lights on and preferably those with decorations
  9. Consider keeping non-food trick-or-treating items for kids with allergies
  10. Always pay attention, and notify law enforcement of suspicious activity

Have Fun

Remember to have fun! Though it began as a religious celebration of saints, Halloween has evolved into a holiday about celebrating fall, eating delicious treats, and having a day where kids can dress up and “be” whoever or whatever they want. Don’t forget about our safety tips, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself, either!

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