Family Planning and Birth Control In 2017 | HealthTN

Family Planning and Birth Control In 2017

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Though health care is changing rapidly, the ACA is still the way for the time being. Do you know which women’s health services are covered in your plan? Family planning and birth control in 2017 is a required benefit with Marketplace plans, Medicaid, and Medicare. Are you taking advantage of the services that are available to you? Marketplace Plans Within …

What Is COBRA Insurance? | HealthTN

What Is COBRA Insurance?

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If you are considering leaving your job or if you’ve recently lost your job and are concerned about your health insurance, don’t be! Your employer is most likely required to continue your coverage, thanks to COBRA. COBRA stands for the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986. COBRA continues group health coverage that would otherwise end. It means that if …

Health Insurance For College Graduates | HealthTN

Recent Graduate Health Insurance

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Recent Graduate Health Insurance Are you a recent college graduate looking for health insurance? Graduate health insurance may seem daunting at first, but we’re here to help you navigate your way towards affordable doctor visits, prescription drugs, and treatments. The ACA allows you to stay on your parent’s health care plan until you’re 26, and the American Health Care Act currently aims …

HealthTN’s ‘Rock Enroll’ Event Helps MTSU Students Complete Obamacare Enrollment by April 15

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  MURFREESBORO – HealthTN is assisting MTSU students who were “in line” by the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare March 31 deadline with completing their health plan enrollment by the April 15 extension by hosting “Rock Enroll” April 14-15 at The Boro Bar & Grill in Murfreesboro. “Confusion, heavy traffic and glitches on the government website and call center, or …

Marketplace Insurance coverage means peace of mind!

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The Marketplace Insurance Coverage is giving Moms peace of mind and families are already benefiting from new rights and protections. More than 3 million young adults under age 26 are covered on their parent’s plan. When they turn 26, young adults can shop for new coverage options in the Marketplace. Young adults may qualify for lower costs on monthly premiums or out-of-pocket costs for private insurance. …

Alejandra’s story: College Students Need Health Insurance Coverage Too!

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Have you met Alejandra? Alejandra is an ambitious student with big dreams. She is looking forward to college and has plans to become a health professional – just like her big sister Mayra. And like millions of young adults across the country, Alejandra does not have health insurance. Making ends meet. Trying to make something of herself. Alejandra’s sister Mayra …

3 ways to get health insurance coverage if you’re under 30

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Sooner or later, everyone needs health insurance. This is true even if you’re healthy and under 30 like Jaime and Malik. The Health Insurance Marketplace provides you with several options to secure health insurance coverage if you’re under 30 and put you in charge of your coverage. If you’re under 26, you may be able to get covered on a parent’s health insurance plan. This applies to …