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How Sports Injuries Can Leave A Lasting Impact

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How Sports Injuries Can Leave A Lasting Impact

Whether you’re driving your kids back and forth to soccer practices or realigning your fantasy football team, sports injuries are likely finding a place in your life. Even a seemingly minor injury can leave kids and adults alike stuck for life with high medical bills and insurance rates. In fact, more serious problems like brain injuries due to head collisions can prevent a person from being eligible for life insurance.

Sometimes, a child who injures a leg or an arm while playing competitive sports may have problems in that area for their whole life. Modern medicine isn’t foolproof, and an improperly healed broken bone can lead to terminal discomfort that requires frequent doctor visits or prescriptions.

Risk Factor

Life and health insurance carriers may ask certain questions to calculate an accurate risk when it comes to clients who have suffered from a sports injury. They may ask about the applicant’s professional status, what sport caused the injury, if there have been repeat or multiple injuries, how the applicant is impaired, whether or not they are still playing the sport, etc.

The reason this is such a big concern is that TBI (traumatic brain injury) is responsible for 30% of injury-related deaths, and it can drastically decrease a person’s quality of life. Complications can include everything from vegetative states to seizures, communication problems, and nerve damage. It can also lead to brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.


Football-related brain injuries occur once in every 5.5 games, according to With a statistic like that, it seems like the best mode of protection is to stop playing football, but that’s not always a reasonable request. With better coaches, better training, and better rule enforcement, we may be able to decrease that number one day. Plus, advances in technology may lead to better protective equipment.

Consider placing yourself and your kids on non-contact sports teams for the greatest risk prevention. Teach your kids the importance of safety in sports, and never skimp on protective gear!

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