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Medical Marijuana For Seniors

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Medical Marijuana For Seniors

How much do you know about medical marijuana?

More and more seniors are starting to look for access to marijuana for help with pain management and other ailments. Scientists and medical professionals are constantly researching the topic, and lawmakers are constantly arguing over its legality, but one truth has remained constant: there are people who benefit from medical marijuana.

Who does medical marijuana help?

Marijuana can help with pain management. While it may be less effective than opioids, it does not have the same addictive qualities that are causing so many other health issues with seniors. It can also be used to help cure glaucoma, a common eye disease among seniors. The California Pacific Medical Center even reported that medical marijuana can help to stop cancer cells from spreading.

Patients and scientists have also reported that marijuana can help cure anxiety, prevent Alzheimer’s, ease muscle spasms, ease bowel movements, and relieve other various symptoms and forms of pain. It’s truly a multi-use drug, but, it’s illegal in more than half of the country.

Medical Marijuana Legality In Tennessee

Currently, marijuana is illegal in Tennessee. The only exception is for seizure patients, and there are still strict requirements for approval. Seizure patients must have very specific permission from a doctor as well as a legal order for the prescription. This change passed in late 2016. As more and more states are changing their marijuana laws, it’s possible that Tennessee will loosen up the laws as well in the coming years.

Getting Coverage

Even if you live in a state where medical marijuana is legal, Medicare and prescription drug plans will not cover it because it is still federally illegal.

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