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Make The Most Of Your Health Insurance

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Do you know how to make the most of your health care plan? Do you know all of your benefits?¬†Millions of people¬†only use their health insurance when they fall ill, but illness prevention is one of the most important parts of your plan. In fact, the more you take advantage of wellness programs, the less you’ll need to use your insurance when you’re sick (which is when you typically have to shell out the most out-of-pocket). Visit your in-network doctor even when you feel completely healthy or have minor concerns to prevent larger costs later.

Read on to discover what coverage you’re missing out on:

Find Doctors In Your Plan Network

Some carriers have doctor and hospital search engines so you can see which doctors are covered under your plan. ZocDoc is a great non-affiliated doctor search website as well. If you continue to use a doctor that is outside of your plan, you’re wasting potential savings that you’ll receive if you visit a doctor who is within your plan’s network.

Prescription Drug Coverage

The same goes for pharmacies and drugs. Your coverage is likely much higher for generic brand prescription drugs, so ask your doctor for a generic version when he gives you a prescription. You should also be covered for mail-order prescriptions, which are sometimes cheaper because you can get multiple-month supplies.

Take Advantage of Preventative Benefits

Your coverage isn’t just for help in the event of illness or injury – it’s also great for prevention. Check with your insurer to see what preventative benefits you have coverage for, such as well visits with your doctor, vaccinations (like flu shots), screenings and tests, and prescription supplements. Why not take advantage of those benefits and get ahead of potential illnesses? As a bonus incentive, staying healthy can keep your life insurance rates low.

Understand What’s Covered

If you aren’t sure about what’s covered under your policy, don’t be afraid to contact your carrier or agent with questions. If you are enrolling for the first time or hoping to change your plan, set up an appointment with one of our experienced agents by calling 615-541-4257.

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