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Home Technology To Keep You Healthy and Safe

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Home Technology To Keep You Healthy and Safe

New health care technology can make it possible for you to feel more secure leaving your loved ones at home. With alert systems like Life Alert and motion sensors, you can feel better knowing your older relatives and friends have a safety system in place. Or, you can use them yourself so you can worry about yourself less! New technology hits the market every day, but these are some of our favorite systems that you can use for better peace-of-mind.

Medication Monitoring

There are systems like MyLively that will alert you and/or your loved ones if you neglect to take your medication. You can attach a device to your medication container and it will send an alert if you forget to take it. This is great both for reminding you to take your medication and for alerting family members if you are unable to take your medication due to an emergency situation.

PERS (Personal Emergency Response Systems)

PERS, most popularly Life Alert, are systems normally consisting of a necklace or keychain that you or your loved ones can wear that has an emergency response button. If you or a loved one falls, chokes, or otherwise needs medical help and can’t get to a phone, all they have to do is push the button. Then, a responder is contacted and will send necessary help. Life Alert boasts about 410, 472 saved lives thus far. Even if you never use it, it can make you feel more secure knowing that all you have to do to call for help is press a button that you wear around your neck or keep in your pocket.

Motion Sensors That Alert Loved Ones

Instead of a wearable button, you can get a motion sensor that detects a fall or other trouble and automatically calls responders. Great Call is just one company who offers these tools. They carry a series of devices (phones, alert devices, watch-like devices) that will alert emergency responders and/or loved ones when they detect a problem.

Alternatively, you can invest in a system like Evermind. By placing motion sensors around the house (by the bed, couch, bathroom, etc.), your loved ones will receive an alert if there is a change in your typical motions. For example, if you can’t get out of bed one day, Evermind will sense the lack of motion and alert someone.

While these products are great for alerting yourself or your loved ones, they don’t provide any financial coverage. For help getting the health care and coverage you need, contact HealthTN at 615-541-4257.