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Healthy and Green Cleaning Products For Your Home

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Going green with your cleaning products benefits not only the environment but also your health. All the harmful chemicals that are in cleaning products we love sit on our counters, in our carpets, and live in the air we breathe. You can help reduce pollution, improve air quality, and know exactly what you’re using in your living environment. Plus, to debunk the most popular myth about green products, they are not actually more expensive than regular, chemical-heavy products. These are some healthy and green cleaning products for your home:

“Green Works” Products

Green Works makes and sells “naturally derived” surface cleaners, dish detergent, laundry detergent, toilet bowl cleaner, and even chlorine-free bleach. The best part? Green Works products are available at a variety of stores including Target and various popular supermarkets. proves that green products are not more expensive. Green Works Surface Cleaner sells for just $2.84. You can also get a three-pack of cleansing wipes for just $6.99, and toilet bowl cleaner for just $2.99. Purchase these products to save money AND stop releasing chemicals into the air!

“Method” Products

Method soaps and cleaners¬†align more with big brand-names in the price department, but they use natural ingredients. If you’re about to pay more than three or four dollars for a cleaner anyway, why not reach for the greener, healthier option? Method hand soaps ring in at about $3.50, which is not a cheap hand soap by any means, but it’s the same price as some of the soap you might be buying.

Seventh Generation Products

From recycled paper towels to fragrance-free detergents and baby wipes, Seventh Generation has a wide catalog of environmentally-friendly products. Their products are available on Amazon.

Mrs. Meyer’s Products

You can find Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap, hand soap, and more at stores like Target and online at Amazon. A relatively large bottle of dish soap is only $3.99, and you can buy a whole cleaning set for just over $30.

When In Doubt

There are countless other companies that offer greener, cleaner, healthier products, but when in doubt you can always look at the listed contents! Clorox, a company known for their highly chemical bleach, offers complete online lists of what goes into their products. It’s also worth an extra trip to stop at a dollar store and see what kinds of cleaning products they offer. You may find one or two good, green products on their shelves.

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