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Using Health Insurance To Lose Weight

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Using Health Insurance To Lose Weight

Are you trying to lose weight or get in shape? You should take advantage of health insurance incentives!

Your doctor will usually weigh you at your yearly wellness exam, so attending those exams regularly is a good place to start. Then, see what else your plan offers! Most individual marketplace plans and Medicare plans include coverage for obesity screenings and counseling. Some plans even include fitness incentives so that you can actually lower your health insurance costs by keeping off the weight!

Doctors & Counseling

When you visit your doctor and step on the scale, if you’re BMI is over 30 you can qualify for weight loss counseling. Check with your plan details to see if your plan includes an obesity provision. Weight loss counseling is a great, safe way to get yourself on track towards a healthy weight.

Weight Loss Programs & Incentives

Some health care plans offer complimentary or discounted gym memberships or subscriptions to weight loss programs. Some plans even offer these benefits as incentives to lose weight. They’ll lower your premiums or give you discounts if you keep your weight off.

Medications & Surgery 

A bariatric (weight loss) surgery can cost over $20,000! Unfortunately, not all health care plans cover this, so you’ll need to check your plan details. If your plan does cover it, it will usually require that the surgery be medically necessary before it provides coverage. In most cases, plans require that you have a BMI of at least 40 or have an obesity-related condition like diabetes or heart disease.

The same general rule applies to weight loss medications. Prescriptions must be for FDA-approved medications and they must be medically necessary. Weight loss prescriptions can be spotty because so many of them are not FDA-approved or are not actually helpful. Always be careful when accepting weight loss prescriptions. Ask lots of questions, and get a second opinion if possible.

Check Your Plan

If your plan does not offer weight loss assistance, we may be able to help you get into a plan that better suits your needs. Give us a call at 615-541-4257.

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