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Recent Graduate Health Insurance

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Recent Graduate Health Insurance

Are you a recent college graduate looking for health insurance? Graduate health insurance may seem daunting at first, but we’re here to help you navigate your way towards affordable doctor visits, prescription drugs, and treatments.

The ACA allows you to stay on your parent’s health care plan until you’re 26, and the American Health Care Act currently aims to keep that provision. Even though that may seem like the most financially viable option, your employer may offer a great plan that begs the question:

Does it make sense to stay on mom or dad’s plan?

There are several factors to consider.

1. If your parent works for a major corporation and has a generous health care plan, you’ll probably get more coverage as a dependent than you would from the small startup company that recently hired you. On the other hand, you’ll eventually have to make the switch when you turn 26, so even if you aren’t there yet it may be a good idea to get the idea of a health care plan settled into your budget.

2. Having your own plan will give you health care privacy. If the idea of your parents receiving notice of your health care concerns you, you may want to take the jump and pay a few hundred dollars a month for your own health care plan.

3. Consider geographic location. If you’ve moved away from your parents, their plan may not cover doctors and pharmacies in your new geographic network. If you’re considering moving around a bit or staying in your new, uncovered area, it’s definitely time to change plans.

How to change plans:

If you currently have a college health plan, you will likely have a window of about 60 days after your graduation date to enroll in a new plan. If not, you may have to wait until the annual enrollment period (October 15th-December 7th every year). However, the first step is knowing what you need from your graduate health insurance.

The best way for you to decide what you need is to look at what you already have and evaluate. Whether it’s your own college plan or your parent’s plan, look at what your health care has cost in the past and what your health care needs have been. Do you need the same amount of coverage, or something different? Can you afford the same premiums, or can you stretch it further?

Once you’ve figured out what amount of coverage you need and what you can afford, speak to an agent to get the best deal and ensure that you’re getting a plan that truly fits your geographic area and coverage needs. You can speak to a HealthTN agent to discuss your Tennessee options by calling 615-541-4257.

Get covered today.

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