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Exercising With Your Pet

Anastasia Iliou Uncategorized, Wellness, Fitness, and Nutrition

Are you struggling to find time to exercise? Do you also struggle to find time to play with your pets? Maybe 2018 will be your year to make a change! You and your pets can exercise together. It creates a unique bonding experience, provides health benefits to both you and your pets, and it can be a lot of fun. These are just a few routines you can try:

Dog Jogging

Every time you have to take your dog out, turn it into an exercise opportunity. Instead of walking in a circle around your yard, walk around the block a few times. Consider doing interval training – your dog will love the change. Walk one lap, jog or run another, and then walk once more.

Fetch Squats

Sneak in squats, jumping jacks, or ab crunches as you wait for your dog to run back to you! Challenge yourself to increase the number of squats you can complete before your dog brings his ball back to you.

Agility Training

If you don’t have a local agility dog park you can use, you can set one up in your backyard! You can create your own equipment or buy it fairly cheaply online. Consider weave poles, enclosed tubes, jumping hoops, and more. Run alongside your dog as he tries to complete the course.

Cat Curls

When using a dumbbell, attach a string or dangling cat toy to each end. Your cat can go crazy playing with the string while you raise and lower the bar.

Of course, there are hundreds of other options as well. Pick virtually any sport or exercise activity and you can find a way to incorporate your pet.

Don’t forget that your pet needs to take breaks and drink water at least as much as you do. When exercising with your pet, always bring water for both you and your furry friend and make sure to take breaks. Look for signs of exhaustion in your dog, especially panting. Additionally, if you plan on running with your dog where a leash is required, consider a harness instead of a collar. It will be easier for both you and your dog. Have fun!

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