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Baby Health Technology is Reaching New Heights

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From self-driving cars to virtual reality systems, new technologies and medicinal developments that we never could’ve dreamed of years ago are surfacing quicker than ever.

Have you heard of these new baby health technology products? New parents often have a hard time leaving their babies out of their sight at night. Most of these products allow for peace of mind when a parent has to leave the room.

Owlet Smart Sock

Parents who are worried about SIDS or other baby health concerns can rest easier with Owlet’s Smart Sock. All you have to do is put the sock on the baby while he sleeps. Your baby’s vitals will report to a phone, and an alarm will sound if something goes wrong with your baby’s health.

You can buy the product here.

Nursery Cameras

The Withings Home Camera, available today on Amazon for $150, allows you to stream a live feed from your baby’s room straight to your phone. Parents who have to leave their baby with a sitter for a few hours can stay calmer knowing they can check in at any time.

You can buy the Withings Home Camera here.

Withings Home Camera

SNOO Smart Sleeper Crib

The SNOO Smart Sleeper helps keep babies on their backs and can help get them back to sleep with gentle rocking and white noise. The SNOO is designed for newborns and can help your baby develop a sleep pattern faster.

The crib is available here. Act now – they recently sold out and had to restock!

SNOO Smart Sleeper

Smart Thermometer

Smart thermometers make it easy for parents to keep track of changes in their baby’s temperature. The biggest difference between a smart thermometer and a traditional thermometer is that all the information can load straight to your phone and stay there so that you can remember changes in temperature over time.

The Kinsa Smart Thermometer is designed to work well for kids of all ages. For infants, other options like the Infanttech Smarttemp Bluetooth Thermometer allow parents to check their baby’s temperature without waking them. Parents can stick the sensor to the baby’s skin with an adhesive pad while he sleeps.

Both the Kinsa ($20) and Infanttech ($70) models are available at Target.Kinsa Smart


These baby health technology products will help to alert you when something goes young, but do you have health coverage for your baby? Call 615-541-4257 today to speak with an agent about updating your policy to include your baby.

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