How To Sneak Mini Workouts Into Your Day | HealthTN

How To Sneak Mini Workouts Into Your Day

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Do you realize what sitting at all day does to your body? It weakens your muscles, reduces the amount of oxygen flowing through your body, increases your heart disease risk, and slows down digestion. At HealthTN, we recently started implementing “standing desks” at the office so our employees can opt to stand while they work at various points of the …

Family Planning and Birth Control In 2017 | HealthTN

Family Planning and Birth Control In 2017

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Though health care is changing rapidly, the ACA is still the way for the time being. Do you know which women’s health services are covered in your plan? Family planning and birth control in 2017 is a required benefit with Marketplace plans, Medicaid, and Medicare. Are you taking advantage of the services that are available to you? Marketplace Plans Within …

Health Insurance Terms To Know | HealthTN

Health Insurance Terms To Know

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One of the easiest ways to get confused when you’re searching for health care is to misunderstand what words mean or to confuse two different types of plans or payments. It’s important that you understand what you’re looking at and what you’re buying. These are some of the most commonly used health insurance terms to know: COBRA – Requires that employers cover …

What Is COBRA Insurance? | HealthTN

What Is COBRA Insurance?

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If you are considering leaving your job or if you’ve recently lost your job and are concerned about your health insurance, don’t be! Your employer is most likely required to continue your coverage, thanks to COBRA. COBRA stands for the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986. COBRA continues group health coverage that would otherwise end. It means that if …

Health Insurance For College Graduates | HealthTN

Recent Graduate Health Insurance

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Recent Graduate Health Insurance Are you a recent college graduate looking for health insurance? Graduate health insurance may seem daunting at first, but we’re here to help you navigate your way towards affordable doctor visits, prescription drugs, and treatments. The ACA allows you to stay on your parent’s health care plan until you’re 26, and the American Health Care Act currently aims …

Care and Coverage: The Differences and How Both Matter | HealthTN

Care and Coverage: The Differences and How Both Matter

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Care and coverage are two completely different words that sometimes slip into conversation interchangeably. It’s possible to receive the care you need without having the coverage to pay for it, and it’s possible to have coverage but have a hard time finding good care. Accepting Medicare and Medicaid patients is expensive for doctors, so some don’t do it. Medicaid doesn’t always …

How To Lower Your Blood Pressure And Your Life Insurance Rates | HealthTN

How To Lower Your Blood Pressure and Your Life Insurance Rates

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If you need more motivation for staying healthy, consider this financial one: your blood pressure is a leading factor in determining your life insurance rates. A carrier or carrier agent will ask for your documented medical history to determine your price range. So how can you lower your blood pressure before you purchase a life insurance plan? Consider these tips: …