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How to Qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) in Tennessee

You can still enroll in health care for 2016 at any time of the year if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP). The rules about when you can make these changes and the kinds of changes you can make are different for each SEP, so please review carefully. Remember, we have local Tennessee health […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Medicare Advantage Plans

The phone rings, you look at the caller ID to discover that it’s your daughter again. You roll your eyes because you know she is going to hound you for not signing up for Medicare. You answer the phone and continue to get lectured for 30 minutes. Finally, you hang up the phone and decide […]

The Value of Having Health Insurance

The Value of Health Insurance |

This is the time of year that we field tons of calls about how much insurance really costs. Bottom line.  No matter what your income looks like, there are always costs for you to have health insurance, and whether we are looking at the “old” standard before Obamacare or the “new” one with the Affordable […]

What Does Medicare Parts A and B Not Cover?

You are driving home from work and remember that you need to check the mailbox. When you get home you open the box and pull out the mail, you glance at an envelope and discover that it’s a medical bill. Your stomach becomes uneasy and your hands start to shake. You open it, then discover […]

8 Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training

You stand up straight, then look down, the numbers begin to roll up like the slots at a casino. Finally, the numbers come to a dreadful stop as the feeling of terror washes over you. You gained another pound. Frustration sinks in and your mind starts to race. You ask yourself, “How am I going […]

6 Reasons Health Insurance Costs Continue to Rise

6 Reasons Health Insurance Costs Continue To Rise Why is health care so expensive? My car payment is cheaper than my monthly premium! As we all know health care costs are on the rise in America. But, why? People that have coverage are punished for becoming sick, and others are being punished for not being […]

What to know about 2015 taxes and your health insurance

What to know about 2015 taxes and your health insurance |

As you begin to gather the information you need to file your 2015 taxes, it’s important to remember that information about your health coverage is now a part of the tax filing process. Here’s what you need to know if you have Marketplace coverage: If you enrolled in Marketplace health coverage in 2015, you’ll soon […]

How To Report Income & Household Changes Under Obamacare

How To Report Income & Household Changes Under Obamacare |

Happy New Year! Are you already enrolled in a 2016 plan? Or maybe you’re in the process of enrolling before January 31st. Either way – 2016 is a year full of possibilities and changes. Some of those changes may be in your household or with your income. So, what do you do if those things […]

How Can I Save Money on a Silver ACA Plan?

How Can I Save Money on a Silver ACA Plan? |

It doesn’t take long for many folks researching the Affordable Care Act to decide that the “Silver Plan” is the most financially viable solution for them when it comes to Obamacare.  But as they drill down into the plan, many hope that they can attain additional savings, and that answer is “Yes!” but requires a […]

What?! There’s a Tax Penalty!?

What?! There’s a Tax Penalty!? |

The clock is ticking for millions of uninsured Americans who are grappling with a critical decision: Should they comply with the federal mandate to purchase health insurance or pay the penalty instead? The Affordable Care Act requires most people who can afford health insurance to buy coverage – a provision known as the individual mandate […]