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Knoxville Regaining Obamacare Coverage With Blue Cross Blue Shield

Knoxville Regaining Obamacare Coverage with Blue Cross Blue Shield | HealthTN

A little over a month ago, major health insurance carrier Humana announced that 2017 will be their last year of providing coverage to Knoxville, TN residents. Essentially, Obamacare created a lack of competition in the insurance marketplace and major carriers are losing money. This year, carriers began pulling out of certain cities and counties altogether because […]

CHIP: Will Kids Lose Access To Health Care This Year?

CHIP: Will Kids Lose Health Care This Year? | HealthTN

Obamacare is more popular now than ever before as Americans fear Trump’s potential reform. Every American will be somehow affected by an Obamacare repeal. Have you considered what it could mean for kids who have little or no control over their health care coverage? How much do you know about CHIP? We’ll do our best […]

Meet PlanTruth: A New Health Care Consumer Review Website

Meet PlanTruth: A New Health Care Consumer Review Website | Senior Market Advisors

Have you heard of PlanTruth? It’s the first and only health care consumer review website. PlanTruth launched early this year in New York by a Brooklyn cardiologist who saw a hole in the marketplace. There wasn’t really one place for consumers to help other consumers pick the right health care plan. The company currently focuses […]

Knoxville Is Losing Obamacare Coverage

Knoxville Is Losing Obamacare | HealthTN

*Find the latest update on this issue here.* If you live in the Knoxville area, it may be a good time to consider alternative health insurance options. Obamacare created a lack of competition between insurance carriers. Some carriers are starting to leave the marketplace entirely due to major profit loss. It all started last year […]

You Should Get The Flu Shot

You Should Get The Flu Shot

Who Should Get The Flu Shot? The short answer is — you. You should get the flu shot. CDC recommends that everyone six months old and older gets vaccinated on an annual basis. The rumors of people getting sick from the vaccine are not supported by science. The medicine is not a live vaccine — […]

2017 Affordable Care Act Updates

2017 Affordable Care Act Updates November 1 is the first day of open enrollment for ACA plans. Affordable Care Act updates for 2017 are significant. Julie McPeak serves as the State of Tennessee’s Commissioner of Commerce and Insurance. On August 23, 2016, Ms. McPeak announced that she was approving significant rate hikes in the Affordable […]

What is the Senior Medicare Patrol Program (SMP)?

Have you ever looked at a medical bill and realize that something did not add up? When you called the doctor’s office to straighten things out, did they give you the run around and nothing was solved? Unfortunately, this happens to many Medicare beneficiaries. On the bright side, there is a government funded program established […]

How is the New Nutrition Facts Label Different?

How is the New Nutrition Facts Label Different?

You are standing in an aisle at the grocery store and reach for a bag of your favorite chips. You decide to look at the label to see how unhealthy this snack really is. You turn it over and see that it is 180 calories per serving. You think to yourself that 180 calories are […]

How to Qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) in Tennessee

You can still enroll in health care for 2016 at any time of the year if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP). The rules about when you can make these changes and the kinds of changes you can make are different for each SEP, so please review carefully. Remember, we have local Tennessee health […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Medicare Advantage Plans

The phone rings, you look at the caller ID to discover that it’s your daughter again. You roll your eyes because you know she is going to hound you for not signing up for Medicare. You answer the phone and continue to get lectured for 30 minutes. Finally, you hang up the phone and decide […]