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Folks on TennCare will have three choices

A change in the way Tennessee awards contracts for its Medicaid program means that in 2015, folks on TennCare will get to choose among three providers instead of just two. AmeriGroup, BlueCare Tennessee and UnitedHealthcare are the providers awarded three-year contracts for statewide service on Friday. Previously, Tennessee selected two managed-care organizations to serve each […]

What is the cost of Obamacare in Tennessee?

Many Tennesseans who are still uninsured are concerned about the cost of Obamacare in Tennessee. Here, we’ll try to explain the costs of the health plans offered under Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act). Your Obamacare cost in Tennessee depends on these five factors: The level of coverage you choose There are four levels of coverage […]

Obamacare in Tennessee: Treadmill Workout Gone Bad | Health Exchange Insurance Commercial

Things don’t always work as they should. Good thing the government health exchange isn’t the only place to buy insurance. Get covered now! Call HealthTN at 615-224-8905 HealthTN’s experts have years of experience in the insurance industry. Let us put it to work for you. We will guide you through the process of quoting, comparing and applying for […]

Obamacare Tennessee: Important Dates to Look Out for in 2014

January 1: The Start of Pretty Much Everything Coverage begins on New Year’s Day, so anyone who successfully signed up for insurance on their state’s Marketplace or the Federal Marketplace by the Dec. 24 deadline (and have paid their first premium) is now covered. And lots of low-income Americans who haven’t before qualified for Medicaid […]

Using Your New Marketplace Coverage | Obamacare Tennessee

This week marks the first week of effective coverage under The Affordable Care Act (also known as ‘Obamacare’). So far, over 1.1 Million Americans have signed up for the January 1, 2014 effective date for healthcare coverage. If you are a Tennessean with new insurance for the New Year, you need to know a few […]

Storify: Why You Should Get Covered through HealthTN

Find out why you should get covered through HealthTN now! View our Storify feed here and then contact HealthTN to get insured, today!

January 10th Premium Extension for Obamacare Tennessee

For Tennesseans who select their health plan on the federal exchange site by the December 23, 2013 deadline will be able to pay their first month premium by January 10, 2014 and still have effective healthcare coverage by January 1, 2014. Under the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, Tennesseans must buy health insurance for 2014 […]

Medicare: Special Circumstances| Special Enrollment Period

Medicare’s open enrollment period for this year came to an end on Dec 7th.  However, there are special circumstances when certain events happen in your life that spark Special Enrollment Periods (SEPs).  The rules regarding when changes can be made and the types of changes that can be made are different for each Special Enrollment […]

Medicare FAQ

Q: How does Medicare pay for my health services? A: Medicare is financed by federal taxes taken out of every paycheck issued in the United States. All workers in the United States pay into the Medicare system during their years of employment, and are eligible to receive those benefits when they reach 65 years of age. Q: How […]

Medicare vs Medicaid – What is the Difference?

It is easy to confuse these two terms, and while they may share many similarities, there are also some fundamental differences between the two. Medicare is a federal government sponsored healthcare plan that is available to all Tennessee residents and United States citizens 65 years or older who have been a legal resident of the […]