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2017 Affordable Care Act Updates

2017 Affordable Care Act Updates November 1 is the first day of open enrollment for ACA plans. Affordable Care Act updates for 2017 are significant. Julie McPeak serves as the State of Tennessee’s Commissioner of Commerce and Insurance. On August 23, 2016, Ms. McPeak announced that she was approving significant rate hikes in the Affordable […]

How is the New Nutrition Facts Label Different?

How is the New Nutrition Facts Label Different?

You are standing in an aisle at the grocery store and reach for a bag of your favorite chips. You decide to look at the label to see how unhealthy this snack really is. You turn it over and see that it is 180 calories per serving. You think to yourself that 180 calories are […]

27k Tennesseans Losing Their Community Health Alliance (CHA) Coverage

27k Tennesseans Losing Their Community Health Alliance (CHA) Coverage |

It was announced yesterday that Knoxville-based health insurance carrier, Community Health Alliance (CHA), is going out of business effective January 1, 2016. What does this mean for those 27,000 Tennesseans on a (CHA) plan? Well, it means they will need to find a new plan to enroll in for 2016. A statement from the Tennessee Department […]

Letters to the editor, April 6: Insure Tennessee

Governor should fight for his plan When Governor Haslam first introduced his Insure Tennessee proposal he said, “My faith doesn’t allow me to walk on the other side of the road and ignore a need that can be met – particularly in this case, when the need is Tennesseans who have life-threatening situations without access […]

Find Low Cost TN Health Insurance | WSMV-TV Channel 4, Nashville [VIDEO] sat down with More at Midday on Channel 4, Nashville, Wednesday, January 21, 2015, to discuss 2015 Open Enrollment. Q: Is there a way for those who may qualify to obtain financial assistance? Yes. Depending income and family size, those seeking insurance may qualify for financial assistance to lower costs through purchasing a plan on […]

[Video] Governor Haslam has detailed discussion of Medicaid Expansion Plan – Insure Tennessee

Gov. Bill Haslam sat down with the editorial board at the Tennessean for an in depth discussion of the new “Insure Tennessee” health care coverage that was announced yesterday morning. Through it’s two primary plans, The Volunteer Plan and the Healthy Incentives plan, Insure Tennessee is designed to assist residents earning less than 138% of […]

Governer Bill Haslam Announces Medicaid Expansion Program Called “Insure Tennessee”

At 10 Am today, Governor Bill Haslam announced a brand new program called “Insure Tennessee”, a major victory for Tennessee residents living at or below 138% of the federal poverty line. This is big news as Haslam came under criticism nearly two years ago when he chose to evaluate the medicaid system instead of expanding […]

Governer Haslam – Announcing Medicaid Expansion at 10:00 AM Today?

Governor Haslam called a news conference at 10:00 AM today at the state Capitol. There has been a lot of stir surrounding the potential expansion of Medicaid in Tennessee by the end of this year. Governor Bill Haslam has been criticized, in the past, for refusing t accept 1.4 billion in federal funds that would […]

The 2015 Obamacare Enrollment Guide For Republicans

2015 Obamacare Enrollment Guide for Republicans First of all, HealthTN has worked hard to stay out of the politics of the fight over America’s Health Insurance reform. We aren’t affiliated with any particular political party and enjoy an office of diverse political backgrounds. We’ve always approached our role in health insurance this way, “How can […]

The ACA is Here to Stay: Senate Not Repealing Obamacare

The results from yesterday’s midterm elections are in – we have a new GOP Senate Majority. So, what will the Republicans do with Obamacare now that they’ve retaken control of the Senate? Will they try a full repeal of the Affordable Care Act (most commonly referred to as Obamacare)? It doesn’t seem likely. The ACA […]