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How To Sneak Mini Workouts Into Your Day

How To Sneak Mini Workouts Into Your Day | HealthTN

Do you realize what sitting at all day does to your body? It weakens your muscles, reduces the amount of oxygen flowing through your body, increases your heart disease risk, and slows down digestion. At HealthTN, we recently started implementing “standing desks” at the office so our employees can opt to stand while they work at various points of the day. But is that enough?

Many of you will comment that you don’t have time in your day to implement an exercise routine, but don’t you spend a few minutes of every hour checking your phone or speaking with your coworkers? Don’t you sometimes catch yourself staring out the window or taking a longer lunch? You don’t have to do your whole daily workout in one shot – find minutes in your day to perform mini workouts, and you’ll be a happier and healthier employee:

Wake Up Routine

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Do you check your phone, head straight to the shower, or catch a quick Netflix episode? Chances are that you can spare 5-10 minutes of your morning to stretch your muscles, and fit in some quick push-ups, sit-ups, and squats. It’ll get your blood flowing in the morning, helping you wake up and feel refreshed before heading into the office – and will likely encourage you to go back for more later in the day.

Lunch Break Walks

Do you spend your entire lunch break sitting in the break room shooting the breeze? Do you work straight through your lunch break or spend it in line at the Taco Bell drive through? Consider bringing a sandwich that you can eat in five minutes, then use the rest or a good part of your lunch break walking around the neighborhood. Invite a coworker to join you in your lunch break walk. Alternatively, consider joining a nearby gym so you can get in a good long workout during your lunch break, or take your squats to the parking lot.

From Your Desk

There are more exercises you can do from your desk than you think. Consider purchasing a stability ball to sit on for an hour or two every day to improve your balance. Consider a standing desk to improve your blood and oxygen flow and strengthen your muscles. You can even bring in small weights to the office so you can work your arm muscles, or little stationary bikes that you can use discretely at your desk!

Take The Stairs

You’d be amazed at the difference it makes if you stop making the elevator your go-to. Of course, if you work at the 85th floor of a building your circumstances are different, but if you’re only a few floors up, start taking the stairs! It’ll only get easier and it’s a great way to strengthen your legs in an environment where you have to sit so much.

Sports With Friends

I’m sure you’re tired after a full day of work, and I’m sure you have your weekend plans set, but have you considered joining an after-work sports league? For some, it’s easier to workout in a team sports format than in a gym or a more personal environment.

Get A Dog!

If you’re still not finding time to fit in mini workouts throughout your day, consider adopting a pet. A dog will force you to get outside and moving because you’ll quickly learn the consequences of not walking your dog.

Get moving and get healthy but don’t forget to check in with your doctor now and again. For help with your doctor network and insurance plan in Tennessee, call HealthTN today at 615-541-4257.

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