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Maternity and Baby Coverage: A Quick Guide

Maternity and Baby Coverage: A Quick Guide | HealthTN

As of 2014, maternity coverage is a benefit included in every basic health care coverage plan. However, having a baby could mean that you now need more coverage for your own health. It will definitely mean that you’ll need coverage for your baby. Your pregnancy does not make you eligible for a special enrollment period – […]

Questions You Should Be Asking Your Physician: Getting The Most From Your Well-Visits

Questions You Should Be Asking Your Physician: Getting The Most From Your Well-Visits | HealthTN

Even if you’re going to yearly physician appointments, you may not be getting the wellness care you need. Are you asking your physician the right questions to get the right answers? Are you disclosing all of your health concerns to your doctor? Remember: your doctor can help you with more than just runny noses and […]

CHIP: Will Kids Lose Access To Health Care This Year?

CHIP: Will Kids Lose Health Care This Year? | HealthTN

Obamacare is more popular now than ever before as Americans fear Trump’s potential reform. Every American will be somehow affected by an Obamacare repeal. Have you considered what it could mean for kids who have little or no control over their health care coverage? How much do you know about CHIP? We’ll do our best […]

You Should Get The Flu Shot

You Should Get The Flu Shot

Who Should Get The Flu Shot? The short answer is — you. You should get the flu shot. CDC recommends that everyone six months old and older gets vaccinated on an annual basis. The rumors of people getting sick from the vaccine are not supported by science. The medicine is not a live vaccine — […]

TennCare Solutions: Have you been denied TennCare?

Many Tennesseans have attempted to get health care coverage through TennCare or CoverKids, only to be told that they must apply for TennCare through the Health Insurance Marketplace at But what happens when these individuals are being denied TennCare or Medicaid coverage? You can still qualify for tax credits to get lower monthly payments and the health […]

How Much Would Santa Pay for Health Insurance?

How Much Would Santa Pay for Health Insurance? |

[*Note: All health plan screenshots were taken in December of 2014. Some plans shown have since been cancelled & plan rates may have increased.] As a Health Insurance Agency we get hit with some strange questions about Health Insurance and this one came up in the office today, so we decided to see it through! […]

[Video] Governor Haslam has detailed discussion of Medicaid Expansion Plan – Insure Tennessee

Gov. Bill Haslam sat down with the editorial board at the Tennessean for an in depth discussion of the new “Insure Tennessee” health care coverage that was announced yesterday morning. Through it’s two primary plans, The Volunteer Plan and the Healthy Incentives plan, Insure Tennessee is designed to assist residents earning less than 138% of […]

Governer Bill Haslam Announces Medicaid Expansion Program Called “Insure Tennessee”

At 10 Am today, Governor Bill Haslam announced a brand new program called “Insure Tennessee”, a major victory for Tennessee residents living at or below 138% of the federal poverty line. This is big news as Haslam came under criticism nearly two years ago when he chose to evaluate the medicaid system instead of expanding […]

A quick way to check if your doctor accepts your 2015 Health Insurance Plan (with screenshots)

We’ve all been there, you’ve been shopping around and maybe even found a plan that fits your price range, but how do you find out what doctors accept your new plan? That is actually a very complex question, a question that really should be run by an agent prior to enrolling in any health […]

Marketplace Insurance coverage means peace of mind!

The Marketplace Insurance Coverage is giving Moms peace of mind and families are already benefiting from new rights and protections. More than 3 million young adults under age 26 are covered on their parent’s plan. When they turn 26, young adults can shop for new coverage options in the Marketplace. Young adults may qualify for lower costs on […]