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The Recipe for Living with Food Allergies

The Recipe for Living with Food Allergies | HeathTN

The Recipe for Living with Food Allergies Each year in the United States, over 200,000 people require medical care due to an allergic reaction from food. Over 170 foods are can cause these reactions, so it is important to be conscious of the foods you and your loved ones are consuming. By understanding food allergies, […]

Mental Health Coverage For Veterans

Mental Health Coverage For Veterans | HealthTN

Mental Health Coverage For Veterans There is no question that experiencing war, violence, and trauma can leave a person with serious mental health repercussions. Thousands and thousands of brave men and women who risk their lives for our country come back with PTSD, depression, and other serious mental diseases that can significantly weaken quality of life. […]

How To Find Mental Health Coverage

How To Find Mental Health Coverage | HealthTN

How To Find Mental Health Coverage The Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Coverage Parity law requires that health plans treat mental health benefits the same way they treat medical and surgical benefits. The Affordable Care Act also requires that marketplace health plans cover mental health services, and Medicare and Medicaid plans fall under the […]

How Sports Injuries Can Leave A Lasting Impact

How Sports Injuries Can Have A Lasting Impact | HealthTN

How Sports Injuries Can Leave A Lasting Impact Whether you’re driving your kids back and forth to soccer practices or realigning your fantasy football team, sports injuries are likely finding a place in your life. Even a seemingly minor injury can leave kids and adults alike stuck for life with high medical bills and insurance […]

Trick-Or-Treating Safety This Halloween

Trick-Or-Treating Safety This Halloween | HealthTN

Trick-Or-Treating Safety This Halloween Halloween is next Tuesday! Have you decorated your house? Have you bought mixed bags of candy? Are your kids already wearing their costumes around the house? With all the excitement of Halloween, it’s easy to forget basic safety tips. Use our guide to keep you and your family safe this Halloween. […]

How To Buy A Stand-Alone Vision or Dental Plan

How To Buy A Stand-Alone Vision or Dental Plan | HealthTN

Vision and dental coverage plans are not automatically included in marketplace health policies. Are you covered for vision and dental care? Check your health plan benefits – you may already be covered. If not, you can buy a stand-alone plan. Vision You can purchase a stand-alone vision plan from a network provider – in most […]

Family Planning and Birth Control In 2017

Family Planning and Birth Control In 2017 | HealthTN

Though health care is changing rapidly, the ACA is still the way for the time being. Do you know which women’s health services are covered in your plan? Family planning and birth control in 2017 is a required benefit with Marketplace plans, Medicaid, and Medicare. Are you taking advantage of the services that are available […]

What Is COBRA Insurance?

What Is COBRA Insurance? | HealthTN

If you are considering leaving your job or if you’ve recently lost your job and are concerned about your health insurance, don’t be! Your employer is most likely required to continue your coverage, thanks to COBRA. COBRA stands for the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986. COBRA continues group health coverage that would otherwise […]

Make The Most Of Your Health Insurance

Make The Most Of Your Health Insurance | HealthTN

Do you know how to make the most of your health care plan? Do you know all of your benefits? Millions of people only use their health insurance when they fall ill, but illness prevention is one of the most important parts of your plan. In fact, the more you take advantage of wellness programs, the less […]

Baby Health Technology is Reaching New Heights

Baby Health Technology Is Reaching New Heights | HealthTN

From self-driving cars to virtual reality systems, new technologies and medicinal developments that we never could’ve dreamed of years ago are surfacing quicker than ever. Have you heard of these new baby health technology products? New parents often have a hard time leaving their babies out of their sight at night. Most of these products […]

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