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Stress and Depression Can Weaken Your Immune System

Stress And Depression Can Weaken Your Immune System | HealthTN

There has been a strong stigma surrounding depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses for years. People who don’t suffer from mental illnesses often have a hard time understanding that a mental disease can affect a person physically as much as a purely physical disease. Technically, purely physical diseases can affect a person mentally as well. […]

Questions You Should Be Asking Your Physician: Getting The Most From Your Well-Visits

Questions You Should Be Asking Your Physician: Getting The Most From Your Well-Visits | HealthTN

Even if you’re going to yearly physician appointments, you may not be getting the wellness care you need. Are you asking your physician the right questions to get the right answers? Are you disclosing all of your health concerns to your doctor? Remember: your doctor can help you with more than just runny noses and […]

Knoxville Regaining Obamacare Coverage With Blue Cross Blue Shield

Knoxville Regaining Obamacare Coverage with Blue Cross Blue Shield | HealthTN

A little over a month ago, major health insurance carrier Humana announced that 2017 will be their last year of providing coverage to Knoxville, TN residents. Essentially, Obamacare created a lack of competition in the insurance marketplace and major carriers are losing money. This year, carriers began pulling out of certain cities and counties altogether because […]

Knoxville Is Losing Obamacare Coverage

Knoxville Is Losing Obamacare | HealthTN

*Find the latest update on this issue here.* If you live in the Knoxville area, it may be a good time to consider alternative health insurance options. Obamacare created a lack of competition between insurance carriers. Some carriers are starting to leave the marketplace entirely due to major profit loss. It all started last year […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Medicare Advantage Plans

The phone rings, you look at the caller ID to discover that it’s your daughter again. You roll your eyes because you know she is going to hound you for not signing up for Medicare. You answer the phone and continue to get lectured for 30 minutes. Finally, you hang up the phone and decide […]

8 Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training

You stand up straight, then look down, the numbers begin to roll up like the slots at a casino. Finally, the numbers come to a dreadful stop as the feeling of terror washes over you. You gained another pound. Frustration sinks in and your mind starts to race. You ask yourself, “How am I going […]

6 Reasons Health Insurance Costs Continue to Rise

6 Reasons Health Insurance Costs Continue To Rise Why is health care so expensive? My car payment is cheaper than my monthly premium! As we all know health care costs are on the rise in America. But, why? People that have coverage are punished for becoming sick, and others are being punished for not being […]

Just What the Heck is Short-Term Health Insurance?

…and why do I need it? Well, Obamacare defines short-term Health Insurance as: “…a smart and inexpensive temporary solution for those in between coverage options, those traveling out-of-network, and those looking to fill gaps in coverage.” Now, that is about as clear as mud, so let’s get a better working definition so YOU can decide […]

2015 Southern Summer Workout Playlist

2015 Southern Summer Workout Playlist

At we’re not just about selling insurance, but making sure you take good care of yourself as a whole.  Our headquarters are located in Music City USA (Nashville, TN), so our team naturally started compiling a list of our favorite workout jams. Now, you can enjoy our 2015 Southern Summer Workout Playlist during your next […]

Folks on TennCare will have three choices

A change in the way Tennessee awards contracts for its Medicaid program means that in 2015, folks on TennCare will get to choose among three providers instead of just two. AmeriGroup, BlueCare Tennessee and UnitedHealthcare are the providers awarded three-year contracts for statewide service on Friday. Previously, Tennessee selected two managed-care organizations to serve each […]