2014 Tax SEP in Tennessee

If you filed your taxes after Feb. 15th and were penalized for not having health coverage, you may qualify for a special election period. Get insured between March 15th - April 30th or pay the penalty in 2016!

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If there is one thing we are passionate about here at HealthTN, it's Tennessee Health Insurance and this year we had to ask ourselves a very important question, "where does the Tennessee Health Insurance Agent fit into the story now that the government has launched the Health Insurance Marketplace?" It’s easy -- It hasn't changed. The easiest and safest way for you, and your family, to secure your healthcare future remains through a trusted and local health insurance agent. But we didn't stop there. We've worked to create an enrollment system that combines all of the strengths of comparing plans and enrolling online (just like Healthcare.gov) but also gives you access to a licensed insurance agent the moment you need one. You can verify your doctor or hospital is in the network or if your new plan is still the best option in the area. Healthcare.gov has no responsibility to help you into the RIGHT plan...just A plan. So we've made it our responsibility to make sure every Tennessean is not in just any plan, but the BEST plan. Welcome to HealthTN.com the Personal Alternative for Tennessee Health Insurance.